2021 Virtual Legislative Meetings May 3-14, 2021

Maureen Sweeney

Photo: Maureen  Sweeney
Maureen Sweeney
Maureen Sweeney, Real Estate Appraiser, Ltd


Maureen Sweeney, SRA, AI-RRS, has been a residential real estate appraiser since 1989. From 2005 through 2017, she served as a member of the Illinois Real Estate Appraisal Administration and Disciplinary Board. She is a national instructor with the Appraisal Institute and is their author of The Valuation of Condominiums, Cooperatives, and PUDs, as well as the developer of their on-line and in-class 7-hour Appraising Condos, Co-ops, and PUDs seminars. She is an Appraiser Qualifications Board Certified USPAP Instructor. Maureen shares her knowledge with law enforcement and real estate professionals at various meetings and conferences. Maureen specializes in the valuation of residential and small income-producing properties and litigation support. She resides in Chicago, Illinois.