Thank You For Attending the 2020 Virtual Legislative Meetings

Chris Read

Photo: Chris  Read
Chris Read


Chris Read is the 2020 Chair of NAR’s Conventional Financing & Policy Committee and the GSE Reform Messaging Task Force Work Group. She served as a Broker member of the Bifurcated/Hybrid/Desktop Appraisal Policy Work Group in 2019 and was a Panel speaker at the NAR Appraisal Summit in 2018.

Chris is CEO of CR Strategies LLC, a company designed to assist Real Estate Licensees, Managing Brokers, Owners and Associations by strategically pursuing growth and profitability for “success on purpose.”  Chris has 40 years of experience in real estate sales, management, operations, and professional development training. She is the Designated Managing Broker/Owner for CR REALTOR®, is a licensed Instructor, has authored numerous courses and education resources and has been a contributing Editor for a National publishing firm.