Anna Parker

Photo: Anna  Parker
Anna Parker
Chief Strategy Officer
Havas Chicago


Anna Parker, Chief Strategy Officer for Havas Chicago, is an experienced thought leader and marketing practitioner who brings brands closer to consumers and culture. 

She has made a meaningful impact across the Retail, Restaurant, Consumer Packaged Goods, Durable Goods, Automotive and Service sectors for some of the world’s most famous and most loved brands, including Carl’s Jr., Citibank, Coca-Cola, Craftsman, got milk?, Moen, the National Association of REALTORS®, REI and Volkswagen. 

Anna believes brand value is created at every touchpoint of the consumer experience and her professional experience spans the full spectrum of marketing strategy— from foundational brand strategy and brand positioning, to campaign creative strategy, communications planning and content strategy.

Anna currently leads a diverse team of strategists, analysts and user experience designers who aim to make Havas the most meaningful partner to modern CMOs and brands. Her team digs deeper than segments and demographics to truly understand the cultural drivers that influence consumer perception and behavior – giving brands the most authentic insights and connection with consumers. 

Anna also played a pivotal role in standing up and optimizing the Socialcenter – a groundbreaking content model for Coca-Cola, arguably the most social brand in the world,  where co-located agency and client teams lead strategy and content creation for all of Coca-Cola’s drive brands.  Anna received her Master of Advertising at the University of Florida and her Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Goshen College